What Do They Call a Neck Massager in Holland?

Neck massagers are an excellent investment! In today’s sedentary society, neck pain has become a huge problem, especially when the stress hits you.

Not everyone can afford to regularly visits professional centers that offer neck massages. Another option is to pop a pain-relief pill, but this is a temporary solution that has its own consequences.

Fortunately, there are neck massagers – or, as they call it in Holland, nekmassage apparat. These devices can help give you relief with nothing more than one push of a button. At the same time, they offer many health benefits, especially when compared to consuming pain killers.

Why Are Neck Massagers Beneficial?

A good neck massager can provide you with a good massage that will target the stress points in your neck. This can help improve blood flow, improving your mental clarity and reducing stress. As a result, this will have a positive impact on your mood, sleep, and even digestion.

It can loosen up the tension in your muscles, enhancing the mobility of cervical muscles. Not just that, but some neck massagers can target hard to reach areas that are normally only accessible to trained massage therapists. This can give you a luxurious spa experience from the comfort of your home.

If you suffer from tension headaches, this is yet another thing these massagers can help you with. They can also help improve your posture, as they’ll make your back muscles more supple and allow your spine to align in a proper position.

Are Neck Massagers Good for Everyday Use?

There isn’t a proper guideline on how long you should use a neck massager for, or how many times a week. It all depends on your neck shape and the history of your neck pain.

Some Dutch people love having neck massages every day. Others prefer to have it 2-3 times a week. Overall, we would suggest you have them every few days during a week and see how do you feel. This can help you decide whether you should increase or decrease the amount of weekly massages.

Still, neck massagers are perfectly healthy as long as you use them according to the manual. If you notice any type of uncomfortable pain, you should stop the massage and make sure you’re using the device properly. If the pain persists, it might be a time to visit a professional who can rule out any neck injury.

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