How to Choose Sun Cream for Your Skin Type

Summer is one of the most popular and expected seasons. For those who want to take a vacation to the full, the arrival of the summer season looks forward. In order to have a nice summer and a good holiday, while making plans, on the other hand, ways to protect the sun from harmful rays are sought. We can use one of the most effective and good sunscreens for our skin, which is our most valuable clothing, to protect from the harmful effects of the sun.

When choosing sunscreen, it is best to choose a sunscreen suitable for the skin type. It is necessary to get help from a good dermatologist when choosing a sunscreen suitable for our skin. Using products indiscriminately without expert support may cause unwanted problems on your skin.

Using products containing SPF, ie safety protection factor, provides maximum support in minimizing the effects of sun damage, in short, what does SPF mean, and what else you should pay attention to.

What Does SPF Value Mean, Which One Should You Prefer?

SPF, also known as Sun Protection Factor, is the value that indicates to what extent the harmful effects of the sun are prevented. For example, when looking at the SPF value, it would be appropriate to choose sunscreen products with 30+ above. A product with an SPF value of 15 provides 94% protection, while a sunscreen cream with an SPF value of 30 can provide 97% protection. The higher the SPF value, the better protection from the harmful effects of the sun is possible.

Depending on the increase in the SPF value, the burning effect of the sun decreases at that rate. The SPF value shows the rate of protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

A person who goes outside in sunny weather without using sun protection cream will experience flushing in a short time like 15 minutes. When using a sunscreen with an SPF value of 10, the duration of sun protection is up to 150 minutes. For people with sensitive skin, this rate should be over 50%. In other words, sunscreen products with an SPF value of 50+ should be preferred.

What Are UVA and UVB Rays, Why Should You Be Careful When Buying Sunscreen?

When purchasing sunscreen, it should be paid attention to whether the product has protection against UVA and UVB rays in addition to the SPF value. Terms such as PPD, PA and broad spectrum are also used instead of UVA light. It is extremely important to pay attention to these issues in order to prevent rapid wrinkling and aging of the skin.

UVA and UVB rays cause many irritations on the skin with bad results. The rapid aging of the skin, the decrease in the moisture level and the formation of spots are due to the harmful effects of these rays. An effective sunscreen should be used to protect against the harmful effects of these rays. The choice of sunscreen is important for the best protection from ultraviolet rays. The points to be considered when purchasing sunscreen can be listed as follows;

The sunscreen you choose should be suitable for your skin structure. For people with oily skin structure, it would be better to choose water-based products with gel foam or cream consistency. For dry and sensitive skin, products in the form of liquid and lotions with moisturizing properties should be preferred, and products suitable for all skin structure can be preferred for those with a combination skin structure.

  • The sunscreen you choose should be at least 30 factors.
  • The sunscreen chosen should be able to care for skin problems other than protection.
  • It should be filtered against UV rays.
  • A quality product that is resistant to water should be preferred.
  • The raw materials in the product content must be competent.

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