Heartland Reviews No Longer Providing Free Reviews

My health and time constraints preclude me from offering free book reviews any more. If the mainstream reviewers such as Kirkus, Foreword Magazine, and Bowker feel comfortable in charging for their reviews, I just can't justify providing a free service any more. Over the past six years, I have read and written reviews for almost 2,000 books, at a great personal sacrifice for my family and me.

From now on (1 August, 2008), there will be a charge for our book reviews and critiques at the following rates:

Children's Picture Books: $47
All other books: $247
Critiques: $297

See our submissions page for information on how to submit for a review.

Heartland Reviews still offers unique book reviewing. Our reviews focus on what is right about a book and are scored in a quantifiable manner so everyone knows how well they're written. Learn what makes our reviews different.

Our Editing and Book Designing Services are separate from our review operations and are focused to help small presses and self-publishers.

Our Current Reviews Page is filled with reviews of books selected for their quality and their soul. Don't worry, we archive the older issues.


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